CSR Policy

We work actively on CSR and sustainability issues. Continuous assessments are conducted to track performance and identify areas where we can improve our work further.

Dopply CSR Policy

Key areas that we are constantly working on are business ethics, respect for the individual, the environment, health, gender equality, equity and social engagement. Compliance with local and national laws and regulations is a basic rule.

Owner Perspective

  • Observe good business ethics and act responsibly with high integrity
  • Be a good partner that suppliers want to work with
  • Encourage our suppliers to meet relevant CSR requirements
  • In all our activities, directly and indirectly, strive to reduce our environmental impact

Employer Perspective

  • Provide a safe and secure working environment
  • Work to ensure that all employees have understanding, involvement and responsibility
  • Combat all forms of discrimination based on gender, nationality, religion, creed, age, sexual orientation, disability or background.

 Environment and Sustainability

Translation of texts is obviously a white-collar job, but we are convinced that active environmental and sustainability work still makes a big difference. Not least, we can encourage our clients to choose energy-efficient alternatives. Our goal is both to minimise our own environmental impact by actively choosing sustainable alternatives and to encourage our clients to make good environmental choices. Sustainability initiatives are continuously evaluated with follow-up of operations implemented and the identification of areas where we can improve our environmental performance further.

Measures to reduce environmental impact

  • Reduced use of paper through digital communication and archiving, as far as possible
  • Selecting the most climate-friendly means of transport for business trips
  • Choosing eco-friendly alternatives for purchase when available
  • Using e-bills if possible for the client
  • Encouraging our clients to choose carbon offset and environmentally smart options when ordering the translation of printed matter and other translation solutions