Dopply Translation Agency has authorised translators who provide certified translations of documents such as reports, certificates, birth certificates, extracts of registers and legal documents to be used in contacts with authorities or the courts.

Dopply Translation Agency has authorised translators working into more than 30 different languages

Dopply Translation Agency has authorised translators working into more than 30 different languages.

In Sweden it is the Swedish Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet) that certifies a translator into or from Swedish. An authorised translator, or sworn translator, has undergone a translation examination in three parts (legal, financial and general texts). Dopply Translation Agency has authorised translators from English to Swedish and vice versa, as well as more than 30 other different language combinations.


A translator who is authorised by Kammarkollegiet is authorised for a given language pair and a given language direction. For example, a translator may be authorised to translate from Swedish to English or from English to Swedish. An examination must be taken for every language combination and language direction for which the translator wants to be authorised. Many other countries have corresponding authorities which authorise translators for translations to or from that country’s language.

Are there authorised translators between all languages?

In Sweden, it is Kammarkollegiet that authorises translators. There are currently authorised translators from 29 different languages to Swedish and from Swedish into 26 languages. In many other countries there are bodies corresponding to Kammarkollegiet in Sweden which authorise translators. Some countries have other means of establishing that a translation has been carried out by an authorised translator. By engaging Dopply Translation Agency, you obtain access to the best authorised translators for a large number of language pairs.

Authorities often require an authorised translator to have certified the translation. If there are no authorised translators for the language combination, they may accept alternative solutions. Usually this is solved by the document first being translated into English by an authorised translator, and then being translated into the target language by another authorised translator. Dopply Translation Agency has a large number of authorised translators and can help you regardless of the language combination.

About our translation services

Quality you can trust

Choosing the right translation agency is essential. The translator must have excellent linguistic qualifications in order to deliver high quality translations and to be able to do so under time pressure. As a client it is reassuring to know that we check the quality at every stage of our translations. This provides consistent high quality throughout the translation process.
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A stable translation partner

“Dopply is like having our own language department,” said one client. This is exactly how we want to work with our clients. We value long-term relationships. Our clients know they can reach us easily, that we can arrange the translation even during unexpectedly busy periods, and that we can also arrange layout and printing when required. As our client, you get a stable translation partner that you can rely on at all times.
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We are accustomed to handling sensitive information and are always careful to maintain strict confidentiality. We always keep our clients’ information secure, and confidentiality is a fundamental aspect of our work. If necessary, we will be happy to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement) with you as a client.
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Simple and convenient

Our clients demand flexible solutions which save them time. We make it easy for our clients by managing the entire translation process. This means that you can send us texts in the format you prefer, we select the most suitable translator for your job and we ensure it is delivered to the agreed schedule. If graphic design, typesetting or layout work is required, we can arrange that too. By providing simple and effective solutions, we save our clients valuable time.
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Translations for the right price

Our clients naturally demand competitive rates for professional translations. Dopply Translation Agency’s prices are among the best in the market for high quality translations. We look at the business benefits for you and always suggest the most cost-effective solution. We consider it a strong competitive advantage that we can offer translations at low prices.
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